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Hello everyone, I am Mrs. Senotiza C. Pugh, better known as Jenny Pugh. I have this very strong desire and urge to start my Life Coaching venture in the net which objective is to reach out to people around the globe who may need my assistance in one way or another under the scope of my expertise.
Who am I:

A-Family Background:
I am the eldest daughter of the three children of Mr. Alipio Salcedo Cailing Sr.; he was a Church worker and a Missionary of the Seventh-Day Adventist Reform Movement under the IMS(International Missionary Society)
I grew up in a very religious, loving, nurturing and God-fearing family. I was sent by my father to IMS as missionary myself, spending four years in the mission as a Colporteur.


Right after my missionary work I pursued my secular education and eventually graduated Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Economics. My thirst for knowledge led me to continue my pursuit to educate myself that I eventually was able to finish three Masters degrees namely; Master of Arts in Education major in Teaching English as Second Language, Master of Arts in Education major in Schools Administration and Supervision, and Master in Business Management.

My natural thirst for knowledge lead me to more studies especially in the line of humanity and spirituality. I had completed my in-service training in Physical Education and Values Education. From my studies I discovered the importance of Values Education as the governing element to live a happy and contented life in all areas.

C-Work Experience;
I had been a Secondary School Teacher for seven years in a government school (Suarez High School). I also had taught College for ten years (Systems Plus College Foundation). I was also a Motivational Speaker in National Steel Corporation, Iligan City.

Reasons for my desire to reach out:

My long years of study both in the secular and spiritual school plus my life experience itself are the driving force behind my desire to reach out to people around the globe. This would be my ultimate mission in life.

Life has been so good to me; this does not mean that I had not been into agonizing miseries in life but I realize now that those seeming miseries were just the Universal Law’s method of unfolding and evolving me.
The following are my experiences that compel me to do something for other humans who may need my wisdom in certain areas of their lives.


The story of my son’s miracle twins:

Nobody else at that time could see the situation as a miracle but I knew deep in my heart that only a miracle could solve the difficult situation we were in at that time.

My son’s wife was already bleeding at home when he called his boss for a car to bring his wife to the hospital in emergency. It was midnight and my son only had P2,000 in her possession. Right after we reached the hospital we were required to buy two bags of blood, each bag costs P2,500, and nobody was there to pay for that amount;it was also a policy in the blood bank not to dispose blood to patients who cannot pay cash in full. My son was hard-working, he worked over time most of the time even if he did not get extra pay for what he did and for the extra time he spent on the job. I cannot remember anymore how the money for the blood was solved because his wife, who had just delivered the twins almost died being dehydrated and almost dried out of blood in her system, it was an emergency caesarian operation.

Five days of confinement in the hospital for that delivery and the expensive drugs which were all met even if my son was completely broke was really a miracle. People were coming to give donations, food, money and even prayers. The time has come for the mother and the babies to get out from the hospital and my son had zero money, was completely broke.

The day before the discharge, the mother spoke out her concerns to me. If I remember right this was what she said “Ma, I am not sure how much would be the charges in the hospital, we have no money; I am sure it won’t be less than P20,000, if that is the case then there is no way that I and the babies can get out here, we don’t have that amount of money.” Then she added “ If ever we can get out miraculously then you should carry the two babies by yourself and call a tricyle because I am still too weak to even walk by myself.” I just told her to be silent and pray instead.

That night while she was sleeping, I stared at the ceiling in that hospital, transferring to it the image in my mind of the twins already lying and sleeping on their bedrooms in their own home; then suddenly a bright light flashed in my mind and in the light I saw the babies sleeping peacefully beside their mother in their own bedroom at home.

After that flash, I felt peace and confidence within me, somewhere within me is giving me assurance that a miracle would happen and everything will be alright.


The next morning after we got up from bed my daughter-in-law called my son to remind him that she should get out from the hospital today, it was a Saturday and there would be no office on a Sunday which means that if she cannot get out on a Saturday there would be additional fee on Monday and that was what she was avoiding. At this time she really had no idea how things would work out, she knew that her husband had no money and his employer had frankly told him that he cannot lend him money.

That afternoon at about 3:00 my son came to the hospital and told me to get the bill, when I had done it, the bill showed P63,00…my daughter-in-law was crying it was far far too high from her dreaded expectation of P20,000…My son did not say a word, he just left quietly. The office would close at 6:00 p.m. How and where could he find that amount in a matter of 3 hours? My daughter-in-law was sulking in hopelessness. I just told her to relax and have faith that in God everything is possible.

For the mean time my son did not really know what to do; he showed the bill to his employer and the response was a flat no, he cannot help, he should have been my son’s last hope to lend him the amount. Out of helplessness and still having strong faith my son went to his own rented office; he used to rent an office of his own near his employer’s. It was in the second floor of the new building nearby. He went there to sit down and relax so he can think better on what to do.


While climbing up the stairway to the second floor of that building he met the janitor of the owner of that building, the millionaire Prescripto…I don’t really remember his real name, the Prescripto was actually the name of his perfume business. The janitor told my son that Prescripto had been looking for him for a few days now, he had learned that my son’s wife gave birth to twins and he is superstitious, he believes that a boy-girl twins are a good luck.

To cut the story short, my son came back to the hospital with the complete amount in the check he was carrying plus Prescripto gave him P15,000 in cash so he can start finding a new house and leave his employer at that time, and more…with my son were two people, one male, one female, each of them had each of the babies so that I was only to assist my daughter-in-law to walk, and there was a nice car waiting outside. I did not ask my son where he got the money, I knew deep in my heart that the money was God’s miracle for my son that day.

Truly a miracle, my daughter-in-law cannot believe it.

In my 61 years of life, I experienced so many miracles in every turn of my life. I consider my life a miracle because those major changes of my life where there is no way in my limited power can get me out from a difficult situation, something happens out of the blue and everything suddenly turns alright.


Here in my website I am trying to reach out to people who are eager to learn to develop their own inherent powers and abilities to face and hurdle difficult circumstances in their lives.

There are seven areas in life that need superhuman powers to deal with that I am emphasizing in my methods namely:

  1. Self-awareness and Values System;
  2. Relationships, all types;
  3. Money and material possessions;
  4. Leisure and hobbies;
  5. Career and/or business
  6. Education and Creativity
  7. Self-Actualization

Aside from these areas of life I am also sharing lessons on Values formation for children, teens and adults in any given situation hence making a person morally responsible and raising his/her self-esteem.