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Goals, Goals, Goals and More Goals

by | May 12, 2017

Today is the first day of the New Year 2017. The idea just occurred to me that I am going to write one article every day if this is the only thing that I can do to make my life meaningful. A question follows this idea “what am I suppose to write every day? A diary?” The answer could be that “yes it is a diary of a sort” but a diary contains everyday events of my life in my actual situation as I live every day. The one I would like to write every day may be a diary, the difference would be that I am going to write my future in the here and now setting.

relaxIt’s like I write my future day to day life as if I live it today could this be possible? I will find out once I start doing it. But what about my goals? This is actually what I want to write about goals, goals, goals and more goals. Okay, Goals this is what I am going to write. I am going to write every day about my goals. I am going to organize my goals from the ultimate goals through the small goals that I can carry out till the ultimate one manifests. What is my Ultimate goal? I, Jenny, am rich, well, and happy. You, Jenny, are rich, well and happy. She, Jenny, is rich, well and happy. I am now going to elaborate this goal which is in the form of affirmation. Rich. What do I mean when I say I am rich? Rich to me means I have infinite source and supply of money to spend on everything that makes me happy, tangible or intangible.

I would like to see myself happily sharing my blessings first to my loved ones, children, grandchildren, brother and sisters, mother and other relatives and the needy in my horizon. Then I spend my money to establish some sort of institution to train and educate people concerning awareness of their true reality. I also want to see myself doing what I really want to do such as travels, doing research works on things that interest me particularly about nature, photography, cultures and the beauty of life. I would also spend my money on those objects that I would like to possess for beauty and comfort such as a beautiful and spacious home for me and my husband and for my children and grandchildren also for my brother and sister. These are the least that I can imagine myself of being rich for now.

goalsWell…what do I mean when I say I am well? Wellness to me means I am healthy, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This area would be one of the most important things where my money would go. Health, beauty, and talent. I am very good at what I do for the good of all concerned. Happy. This means that I am happy because I am living my true self and am capable of doing and to have everything I desire. Okay, so how am I going to achieve all these? The idea is, the Universe have infinite ways to manifest all my desires in perfect timing, I am unfolding every day and am getting better, better and better. I may not know how all these desires would manifest and I don’t intend to do more mistakes but I entrust all my desires to God and the Universe to bring all my desires to material manifestation.

So what can I write every day beginning today throughout the year, that would be 365 write-ups at the end of the year? Yes, I will be very happy to do all these and I know that in doing all these I also unfold…this is, in fact, a good idea. The goal, therefore, is to write one article every day about goals….hehehe. I had done this before in a notebook and it was fun. This or something better manifest for me now easily and effortlessly in very satisfactory and harmonious ways. So be it, so it is.