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Happy Holidays

by | May 12, 2017

Happy Holidays
It’s the season to relax and be happy. When the year is coming to its end people in general celebrate not only because it’s holiday season or in particular Christmas time but most importantly it’s because we are going to meet the new year and become hopeful of what the new year would bring into our lives. We are the creators of our own lives and everything that we experience in our individual life depends so much on the mental attitude that dominates our mind and the core beliefs that we allow to be the master in all our affairs.

15337477_1179591528761821_6827929469690160899_nLife is movement, it is full of changes, physically, emotionally and spiritually and in all our affairs; the science of numerology reveals that there are three basic phases or major changes of our existence and each phase has nine life cycles. There is a time for everything in each person’s life and a person who is aware of his time is the one who have sharp intuitive ability to plan and master his own life. There are many challenges and problems in all areas of life that a human would meet along life’s pathways and there are so many desires and dreams that are yet to find its fulfillment.

Its been said that a person who lives a happy and fulfilling life is the one who knows what he wants and gets them accordingly; exactly or better than what he wanted. The biggest questions now as we enter the new year are “Do you know what you want to happen in your life for the year 2017? Do you have an idea how to get them? Are you able and willing to do the best you can in order to achieve this goal? Are you willing to learn how to get what you want if you have no idea yet?

Sometime in 2007 I had created and completed a chart for my life using the ancient wisdom of Numerology from then on I used the chart as my guide whenever I dream or desire something for my life, I even use it in solving a problem or situation that are seemingly beyond my control…The result was amazing, through my chart’s guidance, everything that I wanted to happen in my life in the future took place. I never worry about my future because the chart showed in detail when and what is going to happen in a given time and given my desires and dreams. Lots of people would say that they are until desiring or dreaming but nothing happened question is, do you have a chart?


Do your dreams and desires jibe with what is rightfully for you at a given time and place? Many people drift through life without knowing where their direction is leading them. The chart of your life is like a map or a compass that shows you where you are at, in a given time and where you are going next. My advice to these people is creating your chart so that you will know where you will be and what you will achieve in 2017. I am here to help you create your chart. A chart is not a wistful thinking, it shows you your desires, direction of what to expect and do in a given time and place, and the time of achieving them. For the meantime, enjoy your holidays, it’s the time of year to relax and contemplate on what you are going to achieve in the coming new year and onward.