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Highlights of My Life in 2016

by | May 12, 2017

Every year has some sort of highlights in our lives; there should be some blessings in any area of our lives that we should value. Life is movement; there may be some heartaches, disappointments and failures in the past but the fact that we are still alive and enjoying the present life only means that we had surpassed all those negative influences and we are moving forward. Moving forward with a determined direction is different from just drifting in life and be carried away without definite direction, hence counting our blessings in the past is fundamental to knowing where the direction of our lives is leading. Drop those painful memories in the past that hurt us and remember them only when those heartaches made us a better person in our present. Cherish those memories that make us feel good and that brought us blessings in our present that we can carry and drag towards a bright future.


At the onset of 2016, I joined with my son and his family celebrating the New Year. It was such a happy reunion not only for the turkey and the wine and champagne but most importantly for the fact that it was one of those rare times that my son and I were reunited in an important celebration of the living. Such bonding time was followed by more and more reunion with the family in various occasions such as birthdays of the young ones and my despidida. Another memorable times were when in January I had received the documents of my corrected birth certificate that had been processed for the whole year of 2015; this triggered me to proceed processing the rest of my necessary documents to come to the US; the rest was history but memorable and successful ones that boost my core belief that when the perfect time comes, everything we desire comes to us swiftly and easily.

The best things that happened to me in 2016 can be enumerated as follow:

1) The straightening of all my necessary documents which took me some adventures with both the government and private offices to process. Some were causing me some anxieties but now that they are in the past and I had succeeded in my objective, I can only count them as blessings in my life.

2) The constant reunion and celebration in the family, the summer swimming and picnics in resorts with the whole family during the graduation in Architecture of my eldest granddaughter, the birth of my super cute grandbaby boy.

3) The birth of my wonderful grandbaby boy followed by a monthly celebration of his birth.

4) my coming to the US to join my husband after 5 long years of being apart. The third wedding of hubby and I which was done in the US together with my receipt of my green card that would last for 10 years 2016 was one of those years in my life where God’s blessings were manifested according to the desires of my heart. It was such a great year to me.


Now, it’s 2017 and I have more expectations for this year to bring me and my family and loved ones more blessings. Life is wonderful when all our good intentions and expectations come to us in perfect timing.