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Life is Movement

by | May 12, 2017

Everything in life is movement, upward, downward, backward, forward, sidewards and in all directions in various speeds and phases of development. Everyone evolves in all areas of our lives, physical, emotional, spiritual, and knowledge-wise. Some of the areas in our lives just move on whether we like it or not. To cite one example, physical growth is inevitable for anyone born or that started as a baby or a newborn, whether in the animal kingdom or the plant kingdom.

Change and evolution is a way of life, but then as responsible humans, we take charge on nurturing our personal being in order to evolve into somebody who is an asset to society and to achieve the purpose of one’s individual life. We have to pay attention to our physical health by taking the right food and physical activities for a balanced and healthy physical growth; we also have to feed our minds with useful knowledge that we can use as a tool or tools to make our socioeconomic life meaningful, not only for ourselves but also for the good of everyone concerned. Most of all we have to nourish our spiritual life because it is the vehicle that transports us from one condition or situation to the next level in the process of our personal evolution.

On my peak. | Source

On my peak. | Source

Growth, development, change and progress are evidence of a fulfilling life. In every person’s heart and mind there is a vacuum that needs to be filled. We, humans, are born complete with potentials to achieve but we all need to discover what it is that we want to achieve in order to become a blessing in this life, mainly to ourselves then to our loved ones and to all concerned. To satisfy this painful longing in the soul, people resort to various behaviors and activities that he considers as the best way for him to do and achieve. The process of development is actually the path of happiness. While there is movement in the process of development of one’s life, there is also a time for inertia where one has to slow down to listen and to be aware of what his soul is whispering in his heart.

Knowledge is limited because each person only knows and understands what he had personally experienced and there is an infinite knowledge in the universe that one person cannot experience even if he will spend his whole life trying to learn all the knowledge in this vast universe that may have to affect his life situations and conditions as he progresses in his development. Hence to use and exhaust all of one’s knowledge is not adequate to solve a personal problem or to achieve one’s goal in order to succeed, it is important for a person to consult his soul, the all-knowing soul who knows where you had been, where you are right now and where you are leading in this journey called life.

the-way-i-liveWhether we do something or nothing, whether we plan or not and whether we create goals or not, life continues to move on; whether to fulfillment or miserable failures depend so much on how we manage our personal life and on our awareness of the direction in the movement and mobility of our lives. This kind of awareness needs some power beyond the comprehension of a fallible mind; this is the power of guidance that is supposedly inherent in every human if we just learned how to listen to it. That’s why the Bible says “There is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof is destruction” this only means that we tend to create and do things that we think will fill the vacuums in our lives only to find out in the end that we are still unhappy in this life; this is because we fail to consult the all-knowing soul within us; we ignore or are completely unaware of its role and power to guide us in the right paths of our journey leading to the perfect destiny of our lives in the individual level. Therefore, the most important and the wisest thing to do for a person is to learn to listen to the voice within him and make it his expertise before he would start learning the knowledge that is available in his environment.